The Priest Guardian

Reverend Christine Browne – The priest guardian of Saint Melangell’s 

Chris was ordained deacon in 1990, having previously taught in Yorkshire and London, and later became one of the first women to be priested in the Church of England. During her ministry, Chris served in parishes in former mining communities in Nottinghamshire and then the West Midlands where, for nine years, she held a dual role post as parish priest and Industrial Missioner with the Black Country Urban Industrial Mission. Outreach has always been a priority and chaplaincies with Rolls Royce Aerospace, the Royal Marines Association, the Prison Service and the Merry Hill retail centre facilitated this. Chris was then appointed to three seaside parishes in south west Wales when she moved to the Church in Wales, where she also served as chaplain to the local Corporation. 
Having been raised in rural Derbyshire, where her family is still based, and having a Welsh father, Chris has always maintained her links with the Principality and country life. She hopes that her particular experiences of spirituality, healing, pilgrimage and chaplaincy will be relevant in serving the wide range of people she is likely to meet as Guardian of the Shrine at Pennant Melangell:
“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of all those who have developed the vision and outreach of the church here down the years since Melangell came to this valley. May her example of prayer, compassion and practical response facilitate whatever lies ahead as people continue to come to this place to find God’s guidance, healing and hope.”

You can contact Chris for pastoral support or spiritual guidance.