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Mae ein gwefan Gymraeg i’w gweld yma .

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June Services at the Shrine Church of St. Melangell.

June heralds the longest daylight of the year and it’ll be good to celebrate this time with St Cynog’s on the Sunday nearest to it. This is the month in which I was due to retire but, having been asked to remain here voluntarily, I‘ve agreed to stay on a house for duty basis as the Diocese permits. I can’t quite believe that I’ve reached this age so quickly but the calendar tells me it’s true!

One of the reasons for remaining was the pandemic, which curtailed so much for us all. Covid 19  is a recent development but there have always been pandemics – not least the Black Death, also known as the Plague, the Pestilence or the Great Mortality. One of those who lived through it was Julian of Norwich, who is thought to have contracted it in 1373 when she was 31. Little is known about her life and her name is taken from the church where she lived but, during her illness, Julian had sixteen visions when she was thought to be dying. These later formed the basis for the first book by a woman, Revelations of Divine Love, and this year is the 650th anniversary of its writing.

Julian was an anchoress, or hermit, who chose not to leave her cell and was voluntarily walled into it, relying on the help of others to live in this way and also giving wise advice to those who wanted it. For that reason she became known recently as the Lockdown Saint and, across the years, her words of hope and comfort after her recovery have helped others persevere in times of adversity. A Julian Group, based on her writings and a short time of silence, meets here every month and, if you would like to know more about this remarkable woman and her sayings, the next will be on June 21st – the Summer Solstice!

The following services will take place this month, followed by a shared lunch at the Centre on Thursdays with tea and cake on Sundays. 

Thursday 1st June, noon: Holy Eucharist

Trinity Sunday, 4th June, 3pm: Service of reflection

Thursday 8th June, noon: Thanksgiving for Holy Communion, Corpus Christ.

Sunday 11th, 3pm: Service of reflection – Barnabas, Apostle, 

Thursday 15th, noon: Holy Eucharist

Second Sunday after Trinity, 18th, 3pm: Holy Eucharist

Wednesday 21st June, 10.30am at the Centre: Julian Group

Thursday 22nd, noon: Service of healing.

Third Sunday after Trinity 25th, 10.30am: United Mid Summer Celebration with hymns, poems and readings at St Cynog’s Church in Llangynog. Please note that there will be no separate service at St Melangell’s accordingly. 

Thursday 29th, noon: Holy Eucharist – Peter and Paul, Apostles.

For further details, please get in touch at admin@stmelangell.org or 01691 860408.

With my prayers; pob bendith,

Christine, Guardian.

Gwasanaethau Mehefin yn eglwys shrin Santes Felangell.

Bydd cynnal y gwasanaethau canlynol mis yma, yn cael eu dilyn gyda pryd i’w rannu yn y Ganolfan ar ddydd Iau a te a theisen ar ddydd Sul.

Dydd Iau 1’af o Fehefin am hanner dydd:
Ewcharist Sanctaidd.

Dydd Sul y Drindod 4’ydd o Fehefin am 3.00 o’r gloch:
Gwasanaeth Adlewyrchiad.

Dydd Iau 8’ed o Fehefin am hanner dydd:
Diolchgarwch am Gymuned Sanctaidd, Corpws Crist.

Dydd Sul 11’ed am 3.00 o’r gloch:
Gwasanaeth Adlewyrchiad, Barnabas, Apostol.

Dydd Iau 15’ed, hanner dydd:
Ewcharist Sanctaidd.

Yr ail ddydd Sul ar ol y Drindod, 18’ed, 3.00 o’r gloch:
Ewcharist Sanctaidd.
Dydd Mercher, 21’ed o Fehefin, 10.30 o’r gloch, yn y Ganolfan:
Grwp Julian.

Dydd Iau 22’ed am hanner dydd:
Gwasanaeth Iachau.

3’ydd ddydd Sul ar ol y Drindod 25’ed
10.30 o’r gloch:
Dathlu Canol Haf gyda emynau, barddoniaeth a llenyddiaeth yn eglwys Sant Cynog, Llangynog.
Nodwch, os gwelwch yn dda, na fydd yna wasanaeth yn eglwys Santes Felangell felly.

Dydd Iau, 29’ed am hanner dydd:
Ewcharist Sanctaidd. – Pedr a Pawl, Apostolion.

Am fwy o fanyloon, cysylltwch, os gwelwch yn dda, a
admin@stmelangell.org neu 01691 860 408

Gyda fy ngweddion,
Pob Bendith,