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Mae ein gwefan Gymraeg i’w gweld yma .

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This is just a reminder that there will be no Eucharist on Thursday 21st September as I’m the pastoral chaplain for the clergy synods and won’t be here. As a group will be at the centre, their deacon Cass Meurig has agreed to take a short service instead and this can be followed by a brief shared lunch at the centre for those who want it. On Sunday 24th September, we are all invited to a united harvest  festival at St Cynog’s at 10.30am and so there will be no service at St. Melangell’s that afternoon.

Services for August and September at St Melangell’s Church.

On Saturday 5th August, the Belle Voci Intergenerational Women’s Choir from America were due to sing a short programme of sacred music in St Melangell’s but they have now cancelled this. As it had begun to be advertised, if you know anyone intending to come please tell them. An unexpected lightning strike in the recent storm here caused a fire in cabling which knocked out the power and broadband. This is the second strike affecting communication here – perhaps there’s a message in that! The harvesting of trees from the hillside near the church is ongoing and, although there is not as much noise as there was before, if peace is an essential requirement for your visit to the valley, this may not currently be the best place for you. For this reason, the usual quiet days have been postponed until peace returns to the surroundings. In this season of Harvest Festivals, the skill and hard work of the harvesters has been impressive on so steep an incline and the thousands of trees felled will provide wood for all sorts of purposes. Jesus was put into a wooden manger when he was born, worked with wood as a carpenter and died on a tree trunk – the Romans were very economical and he would only have carried the crosspiece, heavy though that would have been. So, this has given much food for thought about his labour which would all have been done by hand, whereas the harvesters have heavy machinery to do much of their work. When they began, the beauty here seemed at first to have been devastated but already green shoots are appearing where the first trees were felled. Replanting will begin in due course and, as one harvester said, it will look fine in about forty years’ time! I won’t be around to see that but as the holidays – originally, holy days – begin, perhaps this is a good time to consider our work/life balance, what may slowly be unfolding in our lives and what can assist us in what we do.

With my prayers; pob bendith,

Christine, Guardian

Services for August:

A service of reflection will be held at 3pm on Sunday 6th, the Transfiguration, as well as 13th and 27th August with Holy Eucharist at 3pm on Sunday 20th August.

On Thursdays at noon, Holy Eucharist on 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th August will also include prayers for healing.

Services for September:

A Service of Reflection will take place at 3pm on 3rd and 10th September with Holy Eucharist at 3pm on 17th September.

Harvest Festival will be held at St Cynog’s on Sunday 24th September and so there will be no service at St Melangell’s as many of our congregation will want to attend. On Thursdays 7th, 14th (Holy Cross), 21st (St Matthew) and 28th September at noon, Holy Eucharist will focus on healing.

Further details are available on 01691 860408 or admin@stmelangell.