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Mae ein gwefan Gymraeg i’w gweld yma .

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Alleluia !

Christ is risen.

He is risen indeed.

Alleluia !

April Services at the Shrine Church of St Melangell 

Many people have been affected by the ongoing increase in the cost of living but food banks have also found that contributions to their work have diminished due to an increase in the cost of giving, too, as donors face a struggle with their own finances. The donations of food, money and toys that are received to help with the running of animal charities have also been rapidly decreasing and the numbers of animals being rehomed because owners can’t afford to keep them is rising. It all means that some difficult decisions are having to be made. 

That may apply to us, too, as we all face uncertain financial circumstances as well as the prospect of a general election and the ongoing consequences of warfare in the Middle East, Ukraine and Russia. Uncertainties were also faced by the followers of Jesus after his death and then rumours of his resurrection but these were overcome by his appearances. With his body still bearing the scars of the nails and spear, the cost of forgiving was also shown as those followers who had denied Jesus or run away were not punished by him or chided for it but forgiven as a new way of life and hope began, underpinned by Love freely given.  

As we face the cost of living, giving and forgiving in our own circumstances we, too, will have opportunities to free ourselves and others from guilt, shame or regret and enable new beginnings. Money is one consideration, but so are the values we hold. There are many ways of giving, not just financially, and perhaps we are more wealthy in other ways than we realise?   

With my prayers; pob bendith, Christine, Guardian. 

The following services will be held in the Church, followed by a shared lunch in the Centre on Thursdays with tea and cake on Sundays. 

Thursday 4th April – no service today. 

Second Sunday of Easter, 7th April, 3pm: Service of reflection for Low Sunday.  
Thursday 11th, noon, Holy Eucharist.  

Third Sunday of Easter, 14th, 3pm: Service of reflection. 

Thursday 18th, noon: Holy Eucharist. 

Fourth Sunday of Easter, 21st,  10.30am: United service at St. Cynog’s, Llangynog 

Thursday 25th, noon, Mark the Evangelist: Holy Eucharist. 

Fifth Sunday of Easter, 28th,3pm: Service of reflection. 

Monday 29th April, 10.30 am: Julian Group in the Centre. 

 For further details or to book the Shepherd’s Hut please email admin@stmelangell.org or ring 01691 860408.