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Mae ein gwefan Gymraeg i’w gweld yma .

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May Services at the Shrine Church of St Melangell 

What did St Melangell look like? Her appearance has been subject to a great deal of speculation and there are many images of her. One icon in church shows her arriving in the valley dressed in fine clothes, looking a rather frail figure with blond hair and blue eyes. Another depicts her more robustly with sturdy forearms developed through manual labour, the long, dark hair and eyes of a Celt and clad in a sensible brown woollen tunic. A further image shows Melangell hiding from the Prince, whilst wearing a velvet dress which highlights her figure and makes her look like a sexy Maid Marian.  

At the centre, one painting shows her in a cream dress with plaited ginger hair, whilst another depicts a rather severe haircut and dark clothing. A felted picture indicates two hares with her and there are many images of her online as a goddess, an earth mother and a feminist. 

Perhaps the most thought-provoking is a sculpture of Melangell by Fr Rory Geoghegan with her hair blowing in the wind and the hare hiding under her cloak. She carries her staff of office but has no facial features other than a vague outline – there are no defined eyes, lips or nose. In that sense, she represents all of us – as she cared for the creatures round her, so could we; as she avoided conflict with Brochwel and they brought out the best in each other, that’s a challenge facing us, too; and as she and the sisters who joined her gave hospitality and care to the pilgrims coming here, so we can help to look after one another. She’s very much a saint for our time as well as hers! 

On the weekend of 25th and 26th May, in celebration of her feast day, there will be an exhibition of Melangell and her images at the church and centre – part of this will feature a talk on a new tapestry about Melangell stitched by Catherine Maadi and designed by her son. If any of the talented artists and designers locally would like to be part of this exhibition and show their images of Melangell, please get in touch. What did she look like? Very much, like us! 

Thursday 2nd May, noon: Holy Eucharist. 

Rogation Sunday 5th May, 11am: Holy Eucharist with the visit of All Saints’ Church and Revd. Linda Mary presiding. 

Ascension Day, Thursday 9th May, noon: Holy Eucharist. 

Seventh Sunday of Easter, 12th, 3pm: Service of reflection for Christian Aid Week. 

Thursday 16th May, noon: Holy Eucharist. 

Pentecost, Sunday 19th May, 3pm: Pentecost Praise. 

Monday 20th May, 10.30am: Julian Group in the centre. 

Thursday 23rd May, noon: Holy Eucharist. 

Sat. 25th May, 10am onwards: Exhibition of images of St Melangell with a talk at 3pm about their tapestry by its maker Catherine Maadi and her designer son.  

Trinity Sunday, 26th May 10am onwards: Exhibition of images of St Melangell with a Service of Thanksgiving at 3pm. 

Feast Day of St Melangell, Tuesday 27th May, noon: Holy Eucharist. Please note that there will be no service on Thursday 29th due to this.    For further details, please contact admin@stmelangell.org or 01691 860408. 

For further details or to book the Shepherd’s Hut please email admin@stmelangell.org or ring 01691 860408.  

Festal Celebrations at the Shrine Church of Saint Melangell