August and September Services at the Shrine Church of Pennant Melangell 

August is not just the eighth month of the year but also the time when many families take their holidays due to the closure of schools, colleges and universities. However, it was originally the sixth month of the year – January and February weren’t named in the Roman calendar as they were considered to be inactive or dead months. This changed when, in 46 BC, Julius Caesar developed the Julian calendar, named after himself as was the month of July. August is actually named after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor, whose name comes from the Latin word augustus meaning venerable or noble. That’s reflected in Mis Awst, the Welsh name for that month. 

For similar reasons, September was originally the seventh month but then became the ninth month and Pope Gregory XIII made further changes in 1582 when the Gregorian calendar began. Since then, different ways have developed of calculating time more accurately and the sensational images from the James Webb Space Telescope have been able to reflect images as far back in time as 13.5 billion years ago. How time flies! 

It won’t be long before September is upon us, heralding the end of summer and the beginning of autumn as well as the start of the new academic year and the reaping of the harvest, reflected in its Welsh name Mis Medi. Time is so precious and there is a link, often forgotten, between some holy days when a day off was given which became a day of rest or celebration – a holiday. With chaos at the airports and strikes on the railways, having a break over the summer may not be straightforward but being mindful of the significance of the calendar and time itself is important – may the weeks ahead be blessed while time marches on!

Christine, Guardian. 

When possible, Morning Prayer is said daily at 9am, Pilgrim Prayers at noon and Evening Prayer at 5pm, in addition to the following:

Services of reflection will be held at 3pm on Sundays 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of August as well as on Sundays 4th, 11th (Education Sunday), 18th and 25th September.

Holy Eucharist will be held at noon on Thursdays 4th, 11th (Clare), 18th and 25th of August as well as 1st, 8th, 15th,22nd and 29th (Michael and All Angels) of September.

A Julian Group will take place at 10.30am in the Centre on Wednesdays 17th August and  21st September.

Madonna, Monacella, Melangell and Me – a day of reflection about the Saint and her life will be held at the Centre from 10.30- 3.30 on Wednesday 24th August.

For further details, please get in touch via or the Centre on 01691 860408.

Diolch – thank you!