Teulu Asaph Circle of Prayer

Teulu Asaph Cycle of Prayer: Text

– July 2020

During this time of restricted social interaction churches are developing new ways of being church. Below is the text from the Teulu Asaph Cycle of Prayer which can be cut and pasted into leaflets produced by the local church. This is in addition to the pdf version of the Teulu Asaph Cycle of Prayer which is ready formatted for printing duplex on A4.

This month we pray for Gregory, our Bishop; Andy, Archdeacon of St. Asaph;

for the Aled Mission Area, and Clive Myers MA Leader

The Aled Mission Area is a worshipping community that is urban, rural and coastal. There are 17 churches serving the Mission Area, which stretches along the coastline between Rhos on Sea to Pensarn and inland as far as the villages of Bryn y Maen and Llansannan, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to all who we serve.

More details can be found on our developing MA website: aledmissionarea.org

Information about all the Mission Areas can be found online at https://churchnearme.co.uk

1st – Wednesday – Euddogwy (6th c.), Bishop

Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba (West Indies) – L. Errol Brooks, Bishop

Diocese of Attooch (South Sudan) – Moses Anur Ayom, Bishop

Aled MA; Clive Myers, newly appointed MA Leader, Buzz Squires and Huw Lloyd, MA Wardens.

Give thanks for the dedication and commitment of our lay leaders

Pray for those who are isolated, lonely or feeling vulnerable

2nd – Thursday

Diocese of North Karamoja (Uganda) – James Nasak, Bishop

Diocese of Auckland (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia) – Ross Bay, Bishop

Diocese of Magwi (South Sudan) – Ogeno Charles Opoka, Bishop

Give thanks for all who serve on the Mission Area Conference and our Mission Area Executive

Pray for those who have experienced Domestic Violence during the pandemic

3rd – Friday- Thomas, Apostle

Diocese of North Kigezi (Uganda) – Benon Magezi, Bishop

Diocese of Aweil (South Sudan) – Abraham Yel Nhial, Bishop

Give thanks for the work of the Buildings’ Committee

Pray for all suffering with mental health issues, that they can access appropriate support

4th – Saturday – Peblig (4th C.), Abbot

Diocese of North Mbale (Uganda) – Samuel Gidudu , Bishop

Diocese of Awerial (South Sudan) – David Akau Kuol Mayom , Bishop

Diocese of Kadugli & Nuba Mountains (Sudan) – Andudu Adam Elnail, Bishop

Give thanks for the work of church treasurers, especially in these challenging financial times.

Pray for Bishop Gregory and those he is making Deacon today:

George Bearwood, who will serve in Alyn Mission Area; Luke Bristowe, who will serve his curacy at the Hope Street project in Wrexham; Helen Dawson, who will

serve in Borderlands Mission Area; Toby Jones, who will serve in Pool Mission Area; Gregor Lachlann-Waddell, who will serve in Bryn a Môr Mission Area; Ben Lines, who will serve in Aberconwy Mission Area; Jo Mackriell, who will serve in Wrexham Mission Area; James Thompson, who will serve in Pool Mission Area; and Gail Woodward, who will serve in Borderlands Mission Area

5th – Sunday – Pentecost 5: Trinity 4 – (Proper 9)

Pray for the United Church of Pakistan: Humphrey Peters – Bishop of Peshawar & Moderator of the Church of Pakistan

Give thanks for the Shared Ministry Team, meeting virtually twice a week, and that through Zoom it has been strengthened and become closer as a team

Give thanks on this day for the NHS as it celebrates its 72nd birthday and for all who have helped with the Covid19 Crisis.

6th – Monday – Thomas More (1535), Martyr

Diocese of North Queensland (Australia) – Keith Ronald Joseph, Bishop

Diocese of Awgu / Aninri (Nigeria) – Emmaunuel Ugwu, Bishop. Diocese of Kaduna (Nigeria) – Timothy Yahaya, Bishop

For the Shared Ministry Team and especially the people of Llandrillo yn Rhos as we await the appointment of a priest, rooted in the Rhos on Sea churches

Pray for strength and inspiration in the challenges ahead, as we look to the future.

Pray for those who will be ordained to the Presbyterate later this year: Gareth Erlandson, who will serve in the Borderlands Mission Area; Sally Harper, who will serve in the Elwy Mission Area; Simon Piercy, who will serve in the Alyn Mission Area; Christopher Spencer, who will serve in the Aber-Morfa Mission Area; Sue Storey, who will serve in the Aled Mission Area; Carol Thomas, who will serve in the Denbigh Mission Area; James Tout, who will serve in the Wrexham Mission Area

7th – Tuesday

Diocese of North West Australia (Australia) – Gary Nelson, Bishop.

Diocese of Awka (Nigeria) – Alexander Ibezim, Bishop

Diocese of Kafanchan (Nigeria) – Marcus Dogo, Bishop

Give thanks for the people of St George’s Church Rhos on Sea and St Trillo’s

Pray for new and creative ways to proclaim the Gospel across our Mission Areas

8th – Wednesday

Diocese of Northern Argentina (South America) – Nicholas James Quested Drayson, Bishop

Diocese of Awori (Nigeria) – J Akin Atere, Bishop

Give thanks for St Trillo’s Chapel, that it may again be the sacred place of pilgrimage and prayer it was before lock-down.

Pray the online-presence churches have found can be maintained, as well as a physical one

9th – Thursday

Diocese of Northern California (Episcopal Church, USA) – Barry Beisner, Bishop

Diocese of Badagry (Nigeria) – Joseph Adeyemi, Bishop

Diocese of Ballarat (Australia) – Garry Weatherill, Bishop

Give thanks for those from St Paul’s, Colwyn Bay who are helping the congregation stay together by post, phone-trees, Zoom and telephone-worship.

Pray for new ways to interact with our Coastal Communities

10th – Friday

Diocese of Northern Indiana (Episcopal Church, USA) – Douglas Sparks, Bishop

Diocese of Bangor (Wales) – Andrew John, Bishop

Give thanks for the small, dedicated Welsh speaking community at Eglwys Dewi Sant, Colwyn Bay

Pray for our Rural Communities

11th – Saturday – Benedict (c.540), Abbot

Diocese of Northern Luzon (Philippines) – Hilary Ayban Pasikan, Bishop. Diocese of Banks & Torres (Melanesia) – Alfred Patterson Worek, Bishop

Diocese of Kagera (Tanzania) – Darlington Bendankeha, Bishop

Give thanks for the Cathedral of the Hills, Christ Church, Bryn y Maen – hoping that those who find solace here will soon do so again.

Pray that we seize the opportunity these new circumstances bring, to grow and reach out to people in our communities

12th – Sunday – Pentecost 6: Trinity 5 – (Proper 10)

Pray for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea: Allan Migi – Archbishop of Papua New Guinea

Give thanks that more people from St Catherine and St John’s, Old Colwyn are venturing onto Zoom and other forms of media to ensure continued worship.

Pray that we will continue to be enthused as we seek new patterns of worship

13th – Monday

Diocese of Kajiado (Kenya) – Gadiel Katanga Lenini, Bishop. Diocese of Kajo-Keji (South Sudan) – Emmanuel Murye Modi, Bishop. Diocese of Kamango (Congo) – Sabiti Tibafa Daniel, Bishop

Give thanks for the people of Llanelian, for Ysgol y Plas VA School and the continuing development of its relationship with St Elian’s Church.

Pray that we will develop a clear vision and strategies for the future in our Mission Areas

14th – Tuesday – John Keeble (1886), Priest & Teacher

Diocese of Northern Malawi (Central Africa) – Fanuel Emmanuel Magangani, Bishop. Diocese of Barbados (West Indies) Michael Maxwell, Bishop

Diocese of Kampala (Uganda) -Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba (Primate), Bishop

Give thanks for St Michael’s Church, Ysgol Betws yn Rhos and a small but faithful community of believers in the community of Betws yn Rhos

Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all we seek to do

15th – Wednesday

Diocese of Northern Mexico (Mexico) -Francisco Moreno (Primate), Bishop

Diocese of Bari (Nigeria) – Idris Zubairu, Bishop

Give thanks for the community of St Cynbryd’s, Llanddulas and the staff and pupils of Ysgol Llanddulas

Pray that we can spend as much time listening to God as talking to him

16th – Thursday

Diocese of Northern Michigan (Episcopal Church, USA) – Rayford Ray, Bishop

Diocese of Barisal (Bangladesh) – Shourabh Pholia , Bishop

Diocese of Barrackpore (North India) – Paritosh Canning, Bishop

Give thanks for St Cynfran’s Church, Llysfaen

Pray for people to find the good things that are in creation

17th – Friday

Diocese of Northern Philippines (Philippines) – Brent Alawas, Bishop

Diocese of Bath & Wells (England) – Peter Hancock, Bishop

Give thanks for St Sannan’s Church and the vibrant community in Llansannan

Pray our church buildings will be places of welcome again

18th – Saturday – Elizabeth of Russia (1918), Religious & Martyr

Diocese of Northern Territory, The (Australia) – Dr Greg Anderson, Bishop. Diocese of Bathurst (Australia) – Mark Calder, Bishop. Diocese of Kano (Nigeria) – Zakka Nyam, Bishop

Give thanks for those who normally visit St Digain’s Church, Llangernyw

Pray that we will continue to be the Church in the World

19th – Sunday – Pentecost 7: Trinity 6 – (Proper 11)

Pray for Episcopal Church, USA in the Philippines: Joel Atiwag Pachao – Prime Bishop of the Philippines

Give thanks for the people of St Mary’s Church, Llanfairtalhaiarn and the extensive reordering project to make the church more welcoming for community use

Pray for openness and cooperation within Mission Areas as we move forward

20th – Monday

Diocese of Northern Uganda (Uganda) – Johnson Gakumba, Bishop

Diocese of Bauchi (Nigeria) – Musa Tula, Bishop

Diocese of Kansas (Episcopal Church, USA) – Cathleen Bascom, Bishop

Give thanks for the people of St Michael’s Church, Abergele and for the care and concern shown for each other during lockdown

Pray for growth within our Church communities

21st – Tuesday – Howell Harris (1773), Preacher

Diocese of Northern Zambia (Central Africa) -Albert Chama, Archbishop. Diocese of Belize (West Indies) – Philip Wright, Bishop. Diocese of Kanyakumari (South India) – Dr A R Chelliah, Bishop

Give thanks that Canolfan Dewi Sant, Pensarn, is a Hub-for-Scrubs at this time

Pray for ways to encourage new Christians, through Explorer Courses

22nd – Wednesday – Mary Magdalene

Diocese of Northwest Ankole (Uganda) – Amos Magezi, Bishop.

Diocese of Bendigo (Australia) – Matt Brain, Bishop

Give thanks for the people of St George’s Church and for the staff and pupils of Ysgol St George, praying for them and their families during this challenging time.

Pray for our Mission Areas as we seek to engage in active discussion about the future life of Mission Areas

23rd – Thursday – Bridget of Sweden (1373), Abbess

Diocese of Northwest Texas (Episcopal Church, USA) – Scott Mayer, Bishop

Diocese of Benin (Nigeria) – Peter Imasuen, Bishop

Diocese of Bermuda (Bermuda) – Nicholas Dill, Bishop

Give thanks for our five Messy Churches and two Express Churches and the way we have kept in contact with the families

Pray we can move away from being Church-goers, to being more fully followers-of-Jesus

24th – Friday

Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania (Episcopal Church, USA) – Sean Rowe, Bishop

Diocese of Bethlehem (Episcopal Church, USA) – Kevin Nichols, Bishop

Give thanks for our retired clergy and their ministry

Pray we can move away from being loyal to A Church, to being ambitious for The Church

25th – Saturday – James, Apostle

Diocese of Norwich (England) – Graham James, Bishop

Diocese of Bhopal (North India) – Manoj Charan, Bishop

Diocese of Kapoeta (South Sudan) – Isaac Deu Chol, Bishop

Give thanks for the Covid19 Emergency Food Bank in Old Colwyn, the Foodshare in Abergele, The Kind Bay Initiative in Colwyn Bay, the Conwy Food Bank, for the generosity of those who donate to the food banks and for all the volunteers, working hard to make sure people do not go hungry

Pray we can move away from guarding our patch, to enabling new life in others

26th – Sunday – Pentecost 8: Trinity 7 – (Proper 12)

Please pray for the team responsible for preparing the Lambeth Conference, which was due to be taking place now – please pray for them as they consider the implications of its postponement in light of the Covid-19 pandemic

Give thanks for the fellowship that is found in ‘Singing for Fun’, ‘Tea Together’, ‘Cuppa and Chat’, ‘The Kind Bay Initiative’ and pray that these, and other activities, will be able to resume again

Pray we can move away from being led, to sharing in leadership

27th – Monday – Martha & Mary of Bethany

Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island (Canada) – Ronald Wayne Cutler), Bishop

Diocese of Bida (Nigeria) – Jonah Kolo, Bishop

Diocese of Karachi (Pakistan) – Sadiq Daniel, Bishop

Give thanks for all Primary and Secondary schools in Aled, especially for the Head teachers, staff and pupils, as they prepare for the new academic year in schools and online

Pray we can move away from looking inwards to active outreach and service

28th – Tuesday – Samson (5th C.), Bishop

Diocese of Nsukka (Nigeria) – Aloysius Agbo, Bishop

Diocese of Biharamulo (Tanzania) – Yusuph Vithalis, Bishop

Diocese of Karamoja (Uganda) – Joseph Abura, Bishop

Give thanks for all who work in our hospitals and who put their own lives at risk to care for others

Pray for those who mourn but are unable to grieve properly at this time

29th – Wednesday – William Wilberforce (1833), Josephine Butler (1906) and all Social Reformers

Diocese of Nyahururu (Kenya) – Stephen Kabora, Bishop

Diocese of Birmingham (England) – David Andrew Urquhart, Bishop

Give thanks for all who work within our residential homes and pray for the residents

Pray for those couples who have had to postpone weddings

30th – Thursday- Silas, Missionary

Diocese of Nzara (South Sudan) – Richard Bbikoyesu Aquilla, Bishop

Diocese of Blackburn (England) – Julian Tudor Henderson, Bishop

Diocese of Bo (Sierra Leone) (West Africa) – Solomon Leonard Scott-Manga, Bishop

Give thanks for the work of Cytun and the unity we have between churches and chapels of all denominations

Pray for families and children waiting to be baptised

31st – Friday – Joseph of Arimathea or Ignatius of Loyola (1556), founder of the Society of Jesus.

Diocese of Missionary District of Oeste-Brasil (Brazil) – Naudal Alves Gomes (Primate) , Bishop

Diocese of Boga (Congo) – Mugenyi William Bahemuka, Bishop

Diocese of Port Elizabeth (Southern Africa) – Edward Ronald Daniels, Bishop

Give thanks for the technology available that has enabled the Aled Mission Area to deliver a wide range of worship during Covid19

Pray for wisdom in all that we say and do